Who is this Course For?

This course will be perfect for you if...

  1. you want to help your students be true deep learners and self-starters, not just students;
  2. you've dabbled in PBL and have had a little success and are ready to go head-first;
  3. you want to move quickly through the content to get right to the parts you need and maybe spend a little time there;
  4. you want to move slowly through the course, trying out each bit and getting feedback before moving on

My BIG promise to you is that by the end of this course, you will have a working PBL unit... AND have gained key classroom management strategies that are specifically designed for the PBL environment to create high-quality and super-engaging learning!

This is a hands-on course, so just because it says “self-paced,” it’s not about skimming and just “getting the idea.” This course is designed to simulate a project-based learning experience - although since we are not face-to-face your access to me as a resource is already all accessible upfront instead of the in the moment way it would happen in a physical classroom. This design is intentional as I believe that teachers teach how they are taught. As you work through the course and the design of your project, please know that there are many additional resources, viewpoints, and experts out there talking about these topics. I encourage you to seek out additional learning to go beyond what I am sharing with you in each section.

The foundation of this course is built upon, Lessons for LifePractice Learning written by my colleague, Ginger Lewman. So as you move through each section, you will be thinking, pondering, wrestling, and most importantly, building. You are encouraged, but not required, to use the book to go deeper into PBL as you move through this course. I’ve included a cycle of PBL that I believe gets to the heart of the structure. There are many other cycles out there. I encourage you to be a learner and go find them if you need additional help developing your point of view.

So you’re ready to dive (deeper) into Project/Problem/Passion-Based Learning? Good, then let’s get started!

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